Get to Voyageurs National Park

Get there Fast.

Voyageurs National Park is an unbelievable destination to visit. But to get there, you need a boat or a float plane.

Voyageurs National Park Camping

Camping at Voyageurs National Park? You're going to need water taxi transportation to get there.

At J.P.E.P Guiding, we understand the importance of safe travel to and from your site at Voyageurs National Park.

We will help you get your gear to the park and pick you up when you return.

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Kettle Falls Fun Run

Experience the breathtaking views of Kettle Falls, Minnesota, with our Rainy Lake guides service.

Captain Jeff will safely transport you and your party to Kettle Falls or Kettle Falls Hotel.

Whether you need same-day transportation or enjoying an overnight stay, we are here to provide safe transportation.

Contact Captain Jeff for more information and rates.

J.P.E.P Guiding

We are a fully insured guide service for Rainy Lake, Minnesota, and we strive to provide great adventures for clients from all over. From young to old, we welcome anyone to enjoy come along for the ride.

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